Simtrack is a renowned world leader and provides its clients with not only the most modern designs, but products that will stand the test of time.

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A Company, A History, A Family. The Sims family dynasty is into its third generation.

Tony Sims: Simtrack’s chief designer is the world’s foremost authority for Starting Stalls.

Kieren Sims: Today, more than 55 years since their beginning, and now under the 3rd generation leadership of Kieren Sims, the Sims family continues to lead the global racing market in this equipment.


Simtrack will continue to lead the industry in terms of engineering, design and technology.

All designs are drawn on computer then handmade or 3D printed prior to commencing extensive prototype testing. Such skills and technology has enabled Simtrack to become the renowned world leader it is today, and provide its clients with not only the most modern designs, but products that will stand the test of time.


Hard work and diligence has obtained success internationally; with experience in sales to over 65 countries.

Simtrack is set to remain lengths ahead of the rest with affordable Australian made plastic running rails. Starting Barriers in both fixed and mobile formats and Horse Running Rails in steel and plastic for both racing and training facilities are the passion and the business.


Our History

A remarkable story of one man’s brilliance and insight becoming a legacy and dynasty!

Lindsay Sims


After already manufacturing steel enclosures for many years and operating his new business Steriline, Lindsay Sims AM was then approached by a South Australian Racing Club to recreate an American Starting Stall from nothing more than an image they held. Lindsay accepted the challenge and armed with only a photo as reference and his inventive mind, he developed the FIRST of many starting stalls sold in Australia and not long after – The World.

Thanks to Steriline & Lindsay Sims there was finally an alternative to waving a flag to start horse races. Within only a month of the first gate being delivered, word had spread about Lindsay Sims and his company Steriline. By the end of the following year Lindsay had supplied over 20 Starting Gates; and together with his young son Tony they were quickly inundated with Australian orders.



Lindsay and Tony produced Steriline’s first export order to the Singapore Turf Club, which was about to host the very first ARC or Asian Racing Conference! Suddenly the Steriline Starting Gates were being shown to dozens of countries all across Asia and beyond. As a result the family owned business was catapulted into the world market.


By now the Sims family business Steriline had become the largest suppliers of starting gates since their conception with sales to over 60 countries. It was around this time that Lindsay stepped down as Managing Director, and Tony took over ownership of Steriline.


Steriline was so successful it won the national small business award for outstanding export achievement.


Lindsay Sims was honoured by his country for service to the manufacturing industry and international trade with an Order of Australia merit (AM).


The family left the racing industry for many years but by the late 90’s Tony Sims had begun development of brand new designs from the ground up, utilising the latest technologies, most modern materials, and his extensive knowledge of both Running Rails and Starting Stalls. Tony knew the best way to address all of the shortfalls associated with the Railing and Starting Stalls in existence, was to begin without any prior model, and engineer the products to work simply but with superior effectiveness. After years of design, research and development, in late 1999 the revolutionary products were launched under the brand new and family orientated company Sims Industries, trading as SIMTRACK.


Today, more than 55 years since their beginning, Kieren Sims – the 3rd generation of Sims family continues to lead the global racing market in this equipment. With revolutionary new plastic running rails recently launched, SIMTRACK is providing the racing community an affordable Australian made alternative to current more costly designs. SIMTRACK is set to remain lengths ahead of the rest.