We found the solid overall construction and
silent opening & closing gates very impressive.

Gerente Hípico Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo, Argentina 

Superior By Design

Simtrack have bought starting gate design into the 21st Century with the first progressively engineered and most technologically advanced gate system in the history of horseracing. We have significantly developed every aspect of operation and functionality for both training and racing purposes.

Simply put, Simtrack gates are the most considered and reliable designs on the market today. Our gates get the maximum from every start by creating the most conducive environment for horse and rider. Simtrack Starting Gates combine quiet operation and reliability to achieve the highest level of safety.

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Mechanical Starting Gate Systems

Whilst the tried and true traditional mechanical system does the job, we at Simtrack believe there was certainly room for improvement. Simtrack’s revised design maintains the fundamental aspects of the mechanism but has superior safety, reduced maintenance and generates significantly less noise. Simtrack’s starting gate design surpasses the out-dated designs from other producers, while remaining incredible value for money.

Whilst the tried and true traditional mechanical system does the job, we at Simtrack believe there was certainly room for improvement. Simtrack’s revised design maintains the fundamental aspects of the mechanism but has superior safety, reduced maintenance and generates significantly less noise. Simtrack’s starting gate design surpasses the out-dated designs from other producers, while remaining incredible value for money.

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Hydraulic Starting Gate Systems

Simtrack’s hydraulic starting gate system is the pinnacle of horse racing gate design technology. We have taken a holistic approach to redeveloping the starting gate from the ground up when developing our current hydraulic gate system. We’ve fundamentally improved every component’s function, the gates safety and our products durability with our new hydraulic system.

For the first time, an ingenious internal buffer controls the terminal speed of the front gate. This slows the gate in its final 5cm of travel to silence the opening. The combined reduction of noise across the face of the starting gate, to begin a race, is astoundingly quiet and is unmatched by any other starting gate system available today.

The design of the rear hydraulic gates is equally impressive. Activation of the gate’s release is possible at any time, even with the horse’s full weight upon them, by using Simtrack’s single action valve system.

With the extra benefit of Simtrack’s exclusive hydraulic operation, the gates can also be progressively locked in any position behind the horse as it enters, reducing the risk of the animal backing out when it is already half way into the stall.

Engineered for the Korea Racing Authority, Simtrack have designed rear gates that will open up 25 degrees beyond their normal entry position. With the advantage of ‘funnelling’ a horse into a stall, the additional angle reduces the likelihood of an animal encountering a problem while being loaded into the stall; especially should they start to track sideways.

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Training Gates

The use of training gates and barriers is a critically important stage in both the horse and rider’s development towards becoming race ready. All of our products must meet our exacting standards for build quality and are made from the finest materials. Further, our mobile or fixed training gates are exact replicas of the larger race day stalls, to simulate an actual race start without any compromise to safety.

Simtrack training gates are the industry standard for getting your horse and rider race ready. They are unmatched for quietness, safety and design excellence.

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Design Features

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding

  • Sensational sound deadening characteristics
  • Superior wear and tear
  • Rot and fire resistant
  • 100% UV protected
  • Flexible side wall to prevent injury

Stainless steel gates and platforms

  • Incredibly strong
  • No rust proofing required
  • Greater longevity
Step up pedal and handle
Step up pedal and handle

Step up pedal and handle

  • Safest access and egress
  • Attached to main division for maximum stability
  • 100% UV and fire resistant

Overhead pull up bars

  • Stainless steel padded bar
  • safe exit option
Overhead pull up bars
Overhead pullup bars
Hydraulic Steering Remote control
Hydraulic Steering

Hydraulic steering

  • Steering/towing at either end for larger gates.
  • Self contained controls; no coupling required
  • Elimination of hydraulic or power lines to tow vehicle.
  • Three options to choose from.
  • Remote control for added safety for the operator.
  • Dual wheels, gentle on race track surface and add greater stability.
  • Sealed bearings means no maintenance.

Extended opening capacity (Optional)

Progressive Closure Mechanism

Progressive closure

  • Hydraulic actuators close the gate.
  • The gate can lock in any position.
  • Stops horse backing out.
  • Greater safety for horse and rider.
Catwalk shown in lowered position

Catwalks (Optional extra)

  • Gives unencumbered view across the front of gates.
  • Light weight yet strong.
Flashing Light system

Flashing lights

  • Options of blue light to indicate loading of horses in progress.
  • Or, Red flashing light to indicate “Get set” before the actual start of the race.
Remote recall system

Remote recall systems

  • False starts are indicated with flashing red light and an alarm.

Overhead sponsors signage

  • Adequate space for track signage or sponsor.
Top quality materials used


  • Only top quality materials used across our entire range of products.
  • High Tensile Rectangular Hollow Section steel, Stainless steel, UV stable plastics and claddings
  • Ultra high durability carpets and foam paddings
  • High grade electronic components
Gate release mechanisms
Gate release mechanisms
Gate release mechanisms

Gate release mechanisms

  • Built from high grade stainless steel, adjust components which minimise noise wherever possible
Start triggers
Start triggers
Start triggers

Start triggers

  • Built from high end components with onboard or remote options.

Stainless Steel Platform riggers

Road Registered / Transportable

  • Ideal for clubs who share facilities
  • Custom made trailers are available for long distance haulage in remote areas.

Low ground clearance

  • Eliminates the escape of crafty horses.

Standing By

We match our commitment to making the worlds best racing equipment with world class service for our clientele. Customers from all corners of the globe have commented on the extra care we have shown as a matter of course. We make it easy too, being contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Simtrack are the only producer to provide a full manufacturer’s written warranty for a period of THREE years from the date of purchase, with an optional extended FIVE year warranty available.


Mobile Starting Gate Assembled sizes in meters

Length is with Tow bars in upright position.
Above width is with Gates closed, opened width is 3.1 meters.

Length3.9 4.855.8 6.75 7.7 8.65 9.6 10.55 11.5 12.45 13.414.35 15.3 16.25 17.2 18.15 19.1 20.05 21
Width2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8
Height3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.93.9 3.9 3.9 3.93.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9
*Weight1.2 1.50 1.80  2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 3.30 3.603.9 4.20 4.50  4.80 5.10 *5.4 5.75 6.10 6.45 6.80

Additional height for Mobile Gates

SizeAll Sizes
Height with standard foldable promo sign up (top mounted)4.9
Height with standard foldable promo sign down (top mounted) 4.2
Height with fixed position promo sign (drop down mount)4.45
Height with fixed position low promo sign (drop down mount)4.15

Simtrack fixed position Starting Gate in meters

Length is to outside of frame, add extra 0.2 meter for Base Plates.
Above width is with Gates closed, opened width is 3.1 meters.

Length2.7 3.65 4.6 5.55 6.5 7.45 8.4 9.35 10.3
Width2.8 2.8 2.8 2.82.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8
Height3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2

The safest place on the track

Both jockey and trainer can be confident knowing that they are using the safest barriers for both themselves and their mount. Simtrack have gone to great lengths to ensure the absolute safety for horse, handler and rider, from entry to exit, in their starting stalls. Their safety designs include extensive padding material on possible impact zones, and greater headroom to ensure increased safety for animal and rider.

Simtrack offers more safety than any other starting gate on the market. We have achieved this through a combination of stream line design, clever structure, horse friendly running boards and unobtrusive handles in those critical places for entry, exit and in case of an emergency.

Through ingenious engineering Simtrack have eliminated the mess and danger of the truss internal overhead structure found in other gates and replaced it with a safety overhead pull-up handrail. This simple solution offers stability as well as escape options for rider and handler from within the stall if needed.

Operation of the rear gates is with the single action release mechanical lever or the more advanced hydraulic system. Both of these designs provide solid, secure containment behind the horse, with easy release even when the animal is leaning back against the gate.

Less stress, a better performance

We believe Simtrack starting gates create the ultimate conditions for a confident rider and a focused horse. The actuation of the front gates with our traditional mechanical system is by far the quietest on the market. Our hydraulic system is so quiet it truly needs to be experienced to be believed. A significant by-product from using high-density foam padding and the 1250gm carpet cover is the dramatic reduction of rattles and mechanical noise within the overall structure of our barriers.

An end to false starts

False starts, through mechanical or electrical failure, greatly increase risk of injury to anyone in the gates as well as loss of race income. Simtrack have developed not only a far more reliable mechanical release, but also an exclusive electrical fail-safe operating system that uses “Power ON” to start.

Starting gates normally implement an inferior mechanism, which terminates the power supply in order to release the barriers. Our ‘power ON” to start system has eliminated the potentially dangerous situation of a premature start if the power supply is interrupted in any way during the loading of horses.

Simtrack gates remain safely closed in the event of a power failure and an automatic diagnoses LED will illuminate to indicate where the problem exists.

Pointing you in the right direction

The ease of manoeuvrability is one key reason that Simtrack gates are so sort-after. Simtrack, once again, has found the simplest resolve by manufacturing around great components that are easy to maintain. By using dual wheels, we have reduced the impact on the track surface and added to the overall stability of the structure. The use of sealed bearings in the wheels makes servicing unnecessary.

Our autonomous on-board control systems for hydraulic steering have done away with the required external power or clumsy coupling to the tow vehicle. Our most advanced steering system features remote control, and an automated ram relief valve that disconnects the hydraulic ram if the gate is towed from its opposite end.

Customisations & commissions

We love a challenge. If any products on the market do not meet your racing requirements, we can modify or even completely redesign our gates to fit your needs. Simtrack’s chief designer, Tony Sims is the leading authority of race gate design in the world. If he can’t come up with a beautifully simple resolution, no one can.