Simtrack’s after sales service, has always been exceptional.

Jason Kerr, General Manager Racecourses Melbourne Racing Club

Strength & longevity

Simtrack are a South Australian success story.

In 1958, horse races in Australia began with the waving of a flag. Lindsay Sims changed that forever. He made the first Australian racing starting gates and took his innovation to the world.

Lindsay’s son Tony’s inquisitive nature and innate ability with mechanisms led him to follow, and eventually surpass, the engineering and design prowess of his talented father. Tony, Simtrack’s chief designer, is one of the world’s foremost authorities for Starting Stalls.

Lindsay’s grandson Kieren has risen to the challenge of constantly developing products of the highest order to perpetuate Simtrack’s dominance in the world market.

The Sims family dynasty is the product of a team of highly motivated, naturally adept people with the belief that a great design can always be improved. They have been the brand of choice in the Australian horseracing market for years, and more than 65 countries worldwide use Simtrack equipment.


Our History

A remarkable story of one man’s brilliance and insight becoming a legacy and dynasty!



The Murray Bridge Racing Club approached Lindsay Sims AM (Order of Australia Merit) to recreate an American Styled Starting Stall. Having manufactured steel enclosures for many years through his business Steriline, Lindsay accepted the challenge. Armed with only a photo for reference of this American starting system his inventive mind developed the FIRST of many starting stalls sold across Australia and the World.

Thanks to Steriline & Lindsay Sims, there was finally an effective alternative to waving a flag to start a horse race in Australia. Within only a month of the first gate’s delivery, word had spread about Lindsay Sims and his company. By the end of the following year, working with his son Tony, Lindsay had supplied over 20 Starting Gates systems for horseracing in Australia.



Lindsay and Tony produced Steriline’s first export order to the Singapore Turf Club, which was about to host the very first ARC or Asian Racing Conference. Suddenly, dozens of countries desired the Australian Made Steriline Starting Gates System. As a result, the family owned business catapulted into the world market.


By 1980, with sales in over 60 countries, the Sims family business had become the largest suppliers of starting gates in the world. It was then that Lindsay stepped down as Managing Director, and Tony took over leadership of Steriline.


The Steriline Company became so successful it won the national small business award for outstanding export achievement.


Lindsay Sims earned an Order of Australia Merit (AM) for service to the Australian manufacturing industry and international trade.


In the 90’s Tony Sims began the development of a new design for Starting Stalls and Running Rails. Tony knew the best way to address the shortfalls in rider, handler and animal safety, associated with the out-dated Railing and Starting Stalls, was to begin without any prior model. He began to engineer new products designed around simplicity and superior effectiveness.

From the ground up, utilising the most modern materials and the latest technologies, Tony redesigned safety using his extensive knowledge of both Running Rails and Starting Stalls. After years of design, research and development, the revolutionary products were launched under the brand new and family orientated company Sims Industries, trading as SIMTRACK.



More than 55 years since the birth of Steriline Kieren Sims, the 3rd generation of the Sims family, continues to lead the global market in designing and manufacturing horseracing equipment. With revolutionary new plastic running rails, SIMTRACK is providing the racing community affordable, Australian Made alternatives to current more costly designs.

The innovative designs for rider and animal safety ensure that SIMTRACK is set to remain lengths ahead of the rest.