Through years of research, passion and drive Simtrack are proud to produce design excellence as standard.

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Carpet padding

All pads have far superior wear and tear resistance than any other material. The cover is rot and fire resistant and 100% UV protected.

Hydraulic steering

Simtrack Standard Hydraulic Steering is supplied with an independent hydraulic motor and power. It is a neat, compact and completely independent unit that requires no connection to tractor hydraulics. Easy to service and maintain. An optional remote control is also available.

Low ground clearance

Both front and rear gates have much lower ground clearance than is typical. This provides a much safer environment for both horse and rider.

Rear gate progressive closure

The use of the hydraulic actuators can progressively close the gate behind the horse as it enters. This means the gate can lock in any position, be it a quarter, half, or three quarters closed. This stops the horse from ever being able to back out again.

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Division panels are designed with a flat centre surface 110mm wide that is padded, providing a safe and secure walking or standing level for jockeys or handlers inside the stall.

Our unique overhead truss design has allowed, for the first time since its conception in 1929, the complete removal of ALL internal overhead structural bars directly above the horse and jockey’s head.

Overhead pull-up bars

Simtrack fit to all stalls an ingenious safety bar made from stainless steel then covered in rubber grip material. This provides a strong and reliable stability bar for handlers and jockeys should they need to pull themselves up and away from trouble. The bar can support the heaviest of handlers yet is flexible so to avoid any risk of injury.

Reliability when it counts

Simtrack are the only manufacturer with an electrical operating system that uses “power ON to start”. Starting gates normally use cheaper set ups which mean when the starter pushes the button to open the gates, it kills the power supply in order to release the barriers.

The issue exists that if any interruption to power supply at all occurs during loading of horses, be that by battery failure, loose wires or accidental damage, the gates will open prematurely, risking injury and loss of race income.

By using the ‘power ON to start’ Simtrack have solved this potentially dangerous situation so that if there is a problem with power supply, the gates will simply remain closed, and the problem can be safely addressed before starting horses.

Strength & longevity

The structure is far stronger and more rigid than other barriers with the use of high-tensile rectangular hollow section steel throughout.

Extensive use of stainless steel on all front gates and back gates, all division panel platforms, and all front operating gear including the main operating shaft, removes the need for upkeep and rust proofing, and provides the ultimate quality and longevity for the starting gate. All components that come into contact with the animal are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

The main structural frame and all division panels are made from high quality galvanised steel. Any other components that are made from black steel, like wheel mounts or tie rods, are all chemically treated for rust resistance and then painted to protect them from weather for the life of the machine.

Sound proofing

Simtrack has substantially re-designed all barrier components to specifically eliminate rattles and produce a more soundproof structure.

Starting Gates


Starting Gates


Starting Gates



With agents based in Europe and existing clients in all four corners of the globe, Simtrack can provide your service and maintenance requirements wherever they are needed, in any continent of the world. Contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, we deliver an unmatched degree of service to all our valued clients.


Simtrack is the only producer to provide a full manufacturer’s written warranty for a period of THREE years from the date of purchase, and an optional extended FIVE year warranty is available.