Simtrack is a renowned world leader and provides its clients with not only the most modern designs, but products that will stand the test of time.


Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel, both front and rear race gates are built with additional strengthening features to resist bending.

They are extended lower than most other gates to discourage horses from attempting to exit the front, and also to provide additional protection to handlers walking about at the rear.

Both front and rear gates can be altered to suit client’s requirements if needed.


Simtrack is the only manufacture to incorporate standard carpet padding to all top and bottom of front and rear race gates, division panels and the full length of the platform riggers. Research has shown the absence of such sound proofing materials significantly increases noise from gate components, and subsequently startles and disrupts horses in the starting barrier.

In order to make the Simtrack starting gate stand alone as the highest quality starting barrier in its standard form, all of these 100% UV stabilised and water resistant covers come at no additional cost to its customers!

In addition to the standard carpet covers, clients have the option to fit heavy duty padding to all major structural bars. These include the overhead rail bar front and back, vertical rear and vertical front bars.

Simtrack also offers heavy duty division panel padding, consisting of a division side rail pad and top rail pad, overhead side rail pad and a division carpet cover extension that goes right to the end of the stall giving a seamless surface for horses and rider to exit through.

The material used on the Simtrack padding is far superior to anything that has ever been offered on starting gates before. All standard covers, including those over the heavy duty high density foam pads, are made from a synthetic carpet that is soft, yet strong enough to withstand the harshest of treatments. Manufactured from polypropylene with a latex backing, it is flame resistant and 100% UV stabilised.


Getting up into the stalls to assist a rider has always been a challenge and often resulted in damage to gate components or the handler himself.. Simtrack has developed a rear step up pedal and handle that makes getting up into the stalls not only easy, but more importantly safe!

The rubber foot pedal provides excellent grip at the correct angle, while the handle gives strong and secure support. Once released the handle collapses to remove any protruding object, while the pedal fits neatly in between back gates.

In today’s safety conscience climate, this is an essential yet inexpensive option to fit on barriers.


The Simtrack starting barriers have an advanced steering and towing system designed to keep track damage to an absolute minimum, while being built to last for decades without any need for lubrication or service. All mobile starting gates are fitted standard with duel wheels to reduce track damage and give excellent gate stability. Wheel mounts turn on sealed bearings that are connected to sealed rod ends, further eliminating the need for any servicing.

Heavy-duty tow bars are used on all starting barriers, that are easily retracted into a vertical position when storing or towing the gate from the other end.

For a few decades now, professionally built gates have offered the option to fit hydraulic steering. This has been a great tool for manoeuvring stalls into and out of position, but has not really seen many improvements since its conception.

Simtrack has made several advances to this equipment that once again places its design above all other manufactures worldwide!


Is a neat and compact system that provides fast and effective turning of wheels. Unlike other hydraulic systems offered, it is completely independent and requires no connection to tractor hydraulics!

Rather than a ram attached to endless hydraulic hoses running the full length of the gate, that then need connection with a running tractor in order to operate, you have completely self-contained unit, that is neither reliant on an external power source, or anywhere near as complicated to service and maintain.


remote gateThis premier steering option leaves all other hydraulic systems far behind with massive advances to operation and overall safety.
This system has the ability to allow users to walk behind or near the starting gate (up to a distance of 15 meters) while positioning it, using a small hand held remote to steer wheels.

Through tight openings, or when aligning the gate for starts, this is an incredible advantage that reduces the risk of oversteering or damage significantly.

In addition the hydraulic ram has an ingenious relief valve that eliminates the need to disconnect it if towing from the same end. Often clubs may need to tow a starting barrier from both ends.

Gate TowingIn these cases the hydraulic ram normally must be disconnected prior. Failure to do so can result in major damage to the steering gear, seriously jeopardising a race meeting. The Simtrack Remote steering however allows the ram to flow freely so it can remain connected at all times, wether the wheels are being used to steer or tow with.


Simtrack barriers come with two optional operating systems. Either a ‘manual’ or ‘electric’ system can be fitted to any of the gates produced from 1 up to 22 stalls.’The manual system is a simple and cost effective method of releasing the gates, that is used mostly on smaller gates of either fixed or mobile construction. The system is set by the pulling down of a handle until it reaches the starting position. To release the manual lever is lifted, and the gates opened by the resulting pressure injected into the hydraulic system.

The electric operating system is set in a similar way to that of the manual. An accumulator is pulled down into its starting position with the assistance of a lever. Once set an indicator light turns on to acknowledge the system is ready for a start. The operator can then use the 15 meter extension cord to walk into any position he pleases before pressing the starting button to release the gates.

Another optional extra is to have remote control of the starting operation. The system is set in the same way, but then a cordless remote control can be carried to within 20 meters of the gate in order to activate the release of the barrier.

The Simtrack system also has multiple optional back up methods in the unlikely event the gate fails to open. For example if the remote was to fail, the starters handle with extension cord can be used. If this fails there is a manual starting strap that can activate the system. And if this fails, a completely independent system can be activated and used with the starting strap. Due to its reliability, there has never been a need to use all of these emergency backup options! However, short of being able to provide a guarantee against starting failure, Simtrack has by far more backup options than any other operating system around.


For some starters, the best position to release the gates from is out in front of the barriers. Simtrack produce a neat and effective catwalk attachment that enables the starter to get himself up and out over the front of the gates to check the field is ready to jump. Light yet sturdy this optional extra is a must for those who deem looking over the stalls from the front is the most effective way to observe prior to a start.


To show the starters intentions, overhead flashing lights are mounted on top of the gate. Fitted standard on most race day gates are red flashing lights to show the starter is ready and about to release the gates. Also an optional blue flashing light can be mounted on top of the overhead truss to indicate that the horses are being loaded into the barriers.


Most racing clubs have sponsors that are given preference to advertising space. One of the most popular locations is above the stalls of a starting gate.

Simtrack manufacture large sponsor sign frames that are bolted to the overhead truss and run the full length of the barrier. These signs are hinged and able to be folded down to reduce the overall height of a gate should it storage facility be limited. Also Simtrack offers pneumatic operation of the signs so they can be raised and lowered for each race meeting from the ground, without the need for staff to climb up onto the gates truss and risk injury.


It is possible in certain situations to make starting gates registered for road towing. This has been done in instances where gates are regularly towed short distances between clubs.

For gates that are required to be moved larger distances regularly, Simtrack offer a customized trailer specifically built for the barriers.

These units allow a quick and simple means of transporting gates and adhere to all current road regulations. All trailers are fitted with air bag suspension to minimize vibration and inhibit its effects on starting gate components. These transportable starting gates are popular with remote racing venues that need to share barriers during their racing calendar.


When a false start occurs in a race meeting, it is essential all riders are made aware, and pull up their horse early in order to go back for a re-start. Failure to do so will end with the horses exhausted and likely the race scratched. The Remote Recall system supplied by Simtrack is simple, effective and easy to use. Designed to be placed anywhere from 200-400 meters away, it will sound an alarm as well as indicate with a red flashing light that there has been a problem with the simple click on a hand held remote.


Tony Sims has been engineering and designing Starting gates for over 40 years. In this time he has provided hundreds of solutions to difficult and unusual situations or requests by customers needing something that is not provided off the shelf. No other manufacture in the world can boast such experience or knowledge of starting gates like Simtrack, which is why they have become the biggest supplier of such equipment, for the largest market on the globe, Australia. Simtrack and its managing director Mr Sims is dedicated to its clients, and is more than happy to modify or provide a completely new product if required. We are prepared to go out of our way, as all our past customers have found, to ensure the job is completed with 100% satisfaction every time.

So if your looking for something that is out of the ordinary, or have a problem that seems too difficult to tackle, please contact Simtrack and let us show you what real customer satisfaction is about.


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